Wes Kao gets her best ideas when everyone else is sleeping, is probably cold right now because she’s from California and insists on living in New York, and likes solving problems with non-obvious solutions.

She’s working on helping to grow Seth Godin’s altMBA and connecting leaders who are eager to make the world the place we think it should be.

Not knowing whether an idea will work is both anxiety-inducing and exciting, and a big part of why it’s worth doing in the first place. She thinks a lot about how to make more thoughtful decisions, how to better express what you mean, and how to better understand people you care about.

In her free time, Wes runs a storytelling event series called Lessons Learnedhacks MailChimp, and makes art projects as social commentary.

This blog is an informal place to gather and share learnings along the way.

PS some topics she nerds out about:

things that have a disproportionate impact, pattern breaks, positive peer pressure, unconscious bias, storytelling, frameworks, embracing uncertainty, improving your sense of judgement.