Hey, it’s Wes. I’m obsessed with building products people love, and creating online communities that make life better IRL.

Most recently, I was director of Seth Godin’s altMBA, a new type of online education model that challenges traditional assumptions about how we teach and learn. It’s focused on projects, peer accountability, and digital technology. As the first hire on the founding team, I helped bring the product to market and scaled the organization to thousands of participants in over forty countries.

Previously, I held marketing and product management roles at Flite (acquired by Snapchat), Bare Escentuals, L’Oreal, and Gap Inc. My goal is to enable changemakers to become more effective, and build teams doing ambitious work that matters.

I believe the best marketers are makers and builders. Outside of work, I run a storytelling event series for women in leadership, hacked MailChimp to send personalized drip emails, used Photoshop to challenge ideas on gender equality, and rewrote Airbnb’s ads for fun.

One of my favorite things in life is meeting fellow nerds who are quirky, kind, brilliant, and curious. If that sounds like you, I hope you’ll say hello.

You can find me on Twitter (I tweet very occasionally), LinkedIn, or email. Thanks for stopping by. 🙌