Confusing messaging on Medium's site

Dear Medium, Today, I finally decided to sign up for a Medium account. Sweet, another user -- and well-deserved too. I've long admired your platform and how you make everyone sound smarter with your quiet, confident design.

But sadly, I didn't sign up.

Why? I was too confused about your Twitter terms. It seems like you are too.

Your UX encourages users to sign up with Twitter – it's the only button that's bright blue and looks clickable – so this flow seems like an integral part of user acquisition. It's a shame if you lose users because of conflicting messaging about your Twitter policy.

To explain further, here's the flow when a user lands on


After a user clicks the blue button, they are taken to a page which says, 'Authorize Medium to use your account?'

This page has the terms and conditions for signing in with Twitter. At this point, most apps explicitly say that they don't post tweets on behalf of users. It's surprising that a platform like Medium would.


Apparently not only will you post tweets for me, you'll also...

Follow new people on Twitter for me?

And update my profile?

At this point, the user bounces. They likely feel disappointed and maybe a little offended that Medium would break app conventions of not posting tweets for users.

But in the event that the user is highly intent on creating an account, he will go back to the main site and poke around.

After clicking on 'More options,' the user sees text that says: We will never post to Twitter or Facebook without your permission. For more info, please see our Login FAQ.


Hmm, that's confusing. I thought you said you will post tweets for me?

After clicking on Login FAQ, the user sees more reassurance that Medium does not post tweets.



So which is it? It doesn't matter.

At this point, you've already lost the most important thing with users: trust.

There's doubt about whether Medium will post tweets, and more importantly, whether you have your act together. This is not good.

Medium, I know you can do better. I want to try out your platform, and I want to login via Twitter. Hope you'll fix this.



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