How I can help

I help CEOs when they have a product launch they can’t afford to get wrong. My clients are modern consumer brands with a physical product—consumer packaged goods (CPG), edtech, food/beverage, retail—as well as individuals who are brands themselves.

Most of my work involves developing positioning and messaging strategy, then guiding its implementation across the organization to power marketing, sales, design, and product development.

My clients are spiky brands who challenge the status quo, including Poo~Pourri,, Suzy Batiz, Amy Jo Martin, For Days, Tandem Diabetes, Opencare, MailChimp, Ghirardelli, and more.

For ways to work together, I offer 1:1 coaching and project-based retainers. I only take on a few clients at a time and usually book 2-3 months in advance. If you’re interested in finding out more for future reference, we can schedule a call and I’ll let you know when an opening comes up.

To get in touch, drop me a line at or send me a text at (510) 394-2617‬.