How I can help

There's no shortage of good ideas, tactics, or enthusiasm. The hard part is understanding your unique situation and deciding what to do.

As an independent marketing strategist and hands-on operator, I plug into your team to sharpen your marketing and improve your long-term output.

Venture-funded startup CEOs come to me when they have ambitious growth goals to achieve, and need to leverage marketing to hit those goals. As an interim head of marketing, I guide and advise co-founders and marketing VPs on how to create a spiky point of view for their brand.

Executives at fast-paced companies come to me when they have a high-profile product launch that requires all hands on deck. I work with in-house teams to develop messaging that appeals to emotion (not just logic) and create systems/playbooks that allow teams to ship better creative output. Clients include Poo~Pourri,, Tandem Diabetes, MailChimp, Ghirardelli, and more.

If you'd like to learn more about working together, send me a note at