A deadline is looming

A deadline doesn’t really feel like a deadline until it’s inches from your face.

That’s unfortunate–by that time, you’re about to get punched. That feeling quickly spreading is called panic.

You should always feel like there is a deadline looming. “Looming” sounds ominous, but it’s not. It’s the realization that you’d better be moving forward each day.

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Threshold of happiness

If you’re on a small team and trying to do a lot with what you have, you have to be smart about how you spend your bandwidth. Decision fatigue is real, and so is the idea of spending your emotional labor. You want to be highly leveraged.

If you put more time and attention into anything, of course it will be better.

We don’t have unlimited time and attention, though. I rarely hear people complain that they have too much budget, or too much time.

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Active thinking verus osmosis

If we’re immersed in an environment, will we learn by default?

It’s easy to think that we can absorb through osmosis, that we’ll hum along and improve simply because we’re present. I think intuition develops from deliberate thinking. Not from osmosis.

For example:

You can live in France for years–and not speak French fluently (or at all).

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When product features are merely a justification: why people buy $200 trash cans

Years ago, I had a roommate in San Francisco. He was a 6’1” software engineer and marathon runner.

One day, I heard him squeal. I ran outside to see what was going on.

He was jumping up and down that a big cardboard package arrived. What was it? I thought it would be a new iPad, Bose speaker, Patagonia jacket, flat screen tv…

It was a vacuum cleaner.

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