The best product doesn't always win.

Hi, I'm Wes. I believe many challenges aren't purely technology or product problems—they are people problems. The question is: How do we get people to care about the products we make?

If you have a great product, but people don't seem to care, you're in the right place. My specialty is developing marketing strategy for products that require changing consumer perception and behavior. Drop me a line at and I'll share more about how I help organizations like yours.

Previously, I spent 10 years in marketing roles in-house at venture-funded startups and Fortune 500 brands. Most recently, I was Executive Director of Seth Godin’s altMBA, a new workshop that challenged best practices and assumptions about online education. The traditional MOOC has a completion rate of 7%, but the altMBA's completion rate is 96%.

As the first hire on the founding team, I helped grow the workshop from a whiteboard idea to a global institution in 180 countries and 550+ cities, with 2,000+ extraordinary alumni. We established a new product in a category nobody understood, with a price point 50x more than the competition. It was a privilege to work with, coach, and lead thousands of brilliant change agents doing important work within their organizations and communities.

Prior to the altMBA, I held leadership roles in product marketing, brand management, and digital marketing at Flite (acquired by Snapchat), Bare Escentuals, L’Oreal, and Gap. I earned a B.S. in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

Outside of work, I run a storytelling event series for women in leadership, hacked MailChimp to send personalized drip emails, used Photoshop to challenge ideas on gender equality, and rewrote Airbnb’s ads for fun.

You can find me on TwitterLinkedIn, or email. Thanks for coming by. 🙌