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1. No lazy thinking

Rigorous thinking is asking critical questions about tactics, and having a systematic way of making decisions. Here’s how to train your team to think rigorously and systematically.

2. Why A-players make assertions

Insights alone aren’t enough. You need to make assertions to move projects forward.

3. How to get an enthusiastic yes

Why would someone eagerly say yes to you? A lot of your requests are selfish. Use this framework to get buy-in from your audience.

4. Asking questions = no skin in the game. If you ask a question, try to answer it

It’s easy to ask big questions, but much harder to answer them. Here’s why you should answer the questions you ask—and why it will help you stand out.

5. Inception is real. Here’s how to plant your ideas.

Take control of the frame. Show why the other person benefits in the long-term. Explain why your idea aligns with their goal.