The Huffington Post -- Just Another Awkward OKCupid Date

Last week, I got the best birthday present ever: I submitted an article to the The Huffington Post….and to my utter shock, it was published. 

The article is called Just Another Awkward OKCupid Date and was featured on the front pages of the Culture, Women, and San Francisco pages of the publication.

When I shared the news on Facebook and Twitter, I was overwhelmed with encouragement and support. With every wall comment and “Like,” I realized just how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such an awesome network of friends. You are all so accomplished in your own right, and still so encouraging, that I felt humbled and honored to receive your kudos.

I’m excited to continue writing, and yes, I’m a tiny bit embarrassed that the whole world now knows that I’m on an online dating site.

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Wes Kao