Make room for the good stuff

This is Day 4 of the Your Turn Challenge, an initiative to practice the art of shipping by writing one blog post every day for a week.

Day 4: Teach us something that you do well.

I’m good at surrounding myself with people and things that I’m excited about, and recognizing quickly when someone or something isn’t good for me. 

It’s gotten to the point where most interactions I have with friends and acquaintances is overwhelmingly positive - after a conversation, I just want to gush about the person and feel so thankful to be alive. It sounds ridiculous and over-the-top in writing, but it’s true.

It’s not that I like talking to everyone - it’s that if we’re talking in the first place, it’s because I know I enjoy it and I’m investing time in it.

I am constantly and deliberately assessing my environment and what I want more or less of. I only want to be around people and ideas that make my life better.

This might seem like a no-brainer. After all, why would anyone choose to do things that make their life worse?

Actually people do things like that all the time. I used to love browsing Instagram and with each photo I’d feel worse about my wardrobe, style, and home. I used to look at people’s posts on Facebook and feel bad about how my life wasn’t as interesting.

So I stopped doing both of those things. I never scan my personal Instagram anymore and am not logged in on my phone. I also curate my Facebook newsfeed. I unsubscribed from people who make me feel paralyzed or jealous or discontent. Click. Done. Gone. No longer in my world.

In terms of teaching how to create a situation like this, the key is to have the courage to trim the so-so stuff.

You have to trust that when you make room, better things will come and fill that space.