Nobody likes sporks. Is your product a bad mashup?

The spork is a creative invention. The only problem: Nobody likes using sporks.

Sure, they’re convenient, but they’re not as good as normal forks. And they’re too scratchy to be a spoon.

Even if a spork functioned perfectly, the experience feels like a compromise.

You might see your idea as a creative mash-up, but your customer sees an underwhelming product that tries to do too much. If you’re promising convenience, make sure your customer prioritizes that enough to choose your product.

The same goes for reversible belts. “Should I get a reversible belt? I’ll get twice the value and save space in my wardrobe!”

Everyone who owns a reversible belt knows you wear one side 90% of the time. 😂 And when you finally want to reverse the belt, the side you don’t usually wear is wrinkly and oddly shaped. You realize you should just buy normal belts from now on.

Another example: Eyes/cheeks/lip products.

I have never met an eye/cheek/lip product that was effective at ANY particular thing.

As an eye shadow, it’s too oily.

As a cheek cream, it’s too oily.

As a lip product, it’s too dry.

The best case scenario is you find ONE use for it. In which case, you could have chosen from hundreds of better options.

As a customer, you’d rather buy something that works really well for what it’s supposed to do.

So as a product creator, you can apply that same logic. Make something that is really good for what it's supposed to do.

And if you offer convenience, make sure the convenience is enough to override a dip in the product experience. I might use a spork if I’m camping, but any other time, I want to use a regular fork and regular spoon.