Shipped: Seth Godin’s Freelancer course on Udemy

I’m so excited to launch Seth’s course on Udemy. I’ve been leading this project since February and it’s awesome to see it come to life. Within 24 hours of going live, we have 3,000+ students enrolled – making this one of the fastest growing courses in the history of Udemy. [Edit: 7,300 students and counting within four days of the course going live.]

The course answers some burning questions I’ve personally thought about in terms of how to be sought-after in a crowded market of people who do what you do, so I’m glad that the insights here are now captured in a course.

For every field, there are a ton of designers/consultants/copywriters/filmmakers/content marketers/translators/available-hands-for-hire out there, and it’s hard to get clients to realize why you’re different and BETTER. It’s painful because many solopreneurs and freelancers do what they do because they love the craft and are good at it. 

But clients still view you as a commodity, which is understandably frustrating. This course lays out a path that addresses a lot of those common issues, and gives you a posture that let’s you do your best work. I filmed and watched the 87 lectures multiple times, and each time I still learn something new.

This launch was also really fun to work on: I managed the camera crew during the shoot, mapped out the curriculum, decided how long each lecture should be, created the homework assignments, etc. Learned a ton throughout the process.

As for who it’s for, this is an awesome course if you are a freelancer, if you do consulting on top of your full-time job, or if you want to. We’re all freelancers in some sense managing our careers – becoming recognized for good work and working with people we like is something within our reach.

Seth is probably one of the most qualified people to teach this course – he still considers himself a freelancer after selling two companies (one to Yahoo!) and writing 18 bestselling books.

Here’s a discount code for the course (lasts through the end of April) if you’d like to check it out, would love to hear what you think.