The book has launched #yourturn

Seth’s new book came out last week. It’s called What To Do When It’s Your Turn (And It’s Always Your Turn). Thousands of people pre-ordered and bought bundled pre-packs before even seeing what it would look like. The book was a bestseller the day it came out. It’s his 18th bestseller, and this one is in full-color with beautiful photography, graphics, and bite-sized content.

I helped edit the manuscript a couple months ago when I was still in San Francisco. I remember when the FedEx package arrived in the mail, and I eagerly tore open the package to find a stack of papers with a big post-it note that read “draft only.” I took out my ball-point pen and proceeded to carefully read, scribble, cross out, and mark up the loose sheets of paper that covered my coffee table. 

When I typed up the notes, I reread parts of the manuscript again. Each time I read the book back then, and each time I flip to a random page now, it brings new insights. The book is a reminder to be brave, to have a perspective, and to do things that matter.

Your Turn has a pretty direct message that’s captured in the title. It’s a message that will challenge you to stretch and do things that scare you. Maybe you are ready for it.