A deadline is looming


A deadline doesn't really feel like a deadline until it's inches from your face. That's unfortunate--by that time, you're about to get punched. That feeling quickly spreading is called panic.

You should always feel like there is a deadline looming. "Looming" sounds ominous, but it's not. It's the realization that you'd better be moving forward each day.

There's always a deadline coming up. Even when you think there isn't, you'll soon realize there is--when you're grasping trying to make something happen quickly overnight.

Every time I think I can rest, something comes up that reminds me that there's more to be done. If you are looking to do work that matters and in a hurry to grow, a deadline is always looming.

It doesn't have to be a deadline that your boss sets. From what I've noticed with people making a splash, it's usually a self-imposed deadline.

When everyone is hoping the boss will set a lower growth target, you're setting a higher one that will raise a brow.

When everyone is thinking how they can space out their wins so they won't have to anniversary these numbers next quarter, you're launching as soon as you can. You trust that you'll find something else to launch when the time comes.

When everyone is thinking "How can I do this next year? I'm too busy right now..."

You're thinking, "How can I make the time right now? The sooner I'm smarter, sharper, stronger, the more fun all of this will be. It only gets better from here."

Each day when you're not moving forward is a day the deadline is moving closer to you.

If you know a deadline is looming, you can proactively throw the punch instead.