Extreme segmentation: Eyescreen, the Sunscreen Just for Eyelids

Sweat-proof sunscreen for outdoor sports, sunscreen for sensitive skin, sunscreen in hand cream – I’m all for market segmentation.

Most of the time, it’s a great way to get existing customers to buy more than what they’re already using. Customers are willing to pay if they find the product differences meaningful. For example, I like having a daily sunscreen with a moderate SPF, then something heavier when I’ll be spending all day in the sun.

But sunscreen just for eyelids? That’s going a little too far. When I first saw this, I balked. People already think beauty products make empty promises or create needs just to sell…and products like this aren’t helping the case.

On second thought, are eyescreens any more absurd than eye creams? 

Eye creams are now a staple part in women’s skincare. A search on Sephora.com shows 137 kinds of eye cream, and this is just for the luxury skincare market (not counting drugstore brands). The top 5 best-selling eye creams average $45.50 for 0.5 ounces. The price range goes up to $195 for 0.5 ounces of eye cream. 

If I had access to market research with Euromonitor or NPD, I’d look up whether the eye cream market has grown year-over-year. I’m willing to bet that it has, based on the macro-trend of 1) anti-aging products and 2) targeted products meant to solve specific problems (hyperpigmentation, pores, acne scares, texture, fine lines, crow’s feet, etc).

Sunscreen just for eyelids is certainly specific and addresses wrinkles. So maybe this whole eyescreen idea isn’t so crazy after all.

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