"Hmm I don't know guys, are you sure we should be doing this?

It seems like in every group of mean people who do bad things, there’s one person who says, “Hmm I don’t know guys…”

Like the one guy in a group of fraternity brothers with popped collars, standing at the bar swigging beers. He pretends to be one of them, and can pass as such. Maybe he used to be nerdy, poor, or overweight. Either way, he identifies a little bit with the other side.

That person has a seed of doubt about whether what the group is doing is right. He’s very good at ignoring that feeling so it’s only a split second before it passes.

I think there are people like this everywhere.

The question is: How do we find them? My thesis is to target these people if you want to create change for your cause, whatever it may be.

The ones that are hardcore in believing the exact opposite of what you believe - there’s not much use in trying to convince them to completely abandon their worldview and switch to yours. It’s possible, but it’s a hard sell.

But the swing states, now there’s a chance they could flip. But first you have to identify who these people are in each group, whether that group be douchey bros, mean girls, or police officers who feel that seed of “Hey guys, are you sure we should do that?”

How do we find these people?