"Louis Vuitton wallets only $5 USD!"

For those of you who have been to street markets in China, you know how exciting it is to see brand name items for a fraction of the price. 

Suddenly, a $3000 Chanel purse is within reach, and your mind swirls with the dizzying number of designer items you could buy, and your friends would be none the wiser.

Then reality sinks in, and you ask yourself, “Do I want to take the risk that a discerning eye will publicly point out my fraudulent ways on a busy afternoon at Neiman Marcus?”

Check out a Weird Asia News article called China: The Land Where Fake Brands Reign Supreme. I posted a comment on Brand Mix, where I found the article link. 

My position is that as long as a brand is easily identifiable as counterfeit, the real brand doesn’t suffer erosion of brand equity. 

What do you think?