Unconventional career paths and taking risks [PermissionLESS podcast]

You might think your career arc should be a straight upward line. Maybe you’ve noticed by now it’s more of a non-linear squiggle.

I used to have a strict plan for what I wanted to do in my career and how it would look. Over the years, though, I’ve changed my thinking of what it means to take risk. It’s opened the door for lots of opportunities I never would have found otherwise.

That's why I'm thrilled to share a new episode with you of the PermissionLESS podcast with Selena Vidya (Episode 202). We riff on taking leaps in your career, being bold, and letting go of the old to pursue the new.

Here’s what I share more about

  • The importance of peer mentorship.

  • Choosing to tackle skills that don’t come naturally to you

  • How staying open to serendipity and saying yes led building the altMBA with Seth Godin

Here it is: PermissionLESS podcast Episode 202: Wes Kao. I hope my totally non-linear career story inspires you to think outside the box about what you want to do.