Why the best technology doesn't always win [Future Tech podcast]

I meet so many smart, talented non-marketers who still believe their idea should sell itself. I'll break it to you now: no idea ever sells itself. You just don't see the leader behind-the-scenes working hard to make their idea seem to spread "organically."

The host of the Future Tech podcast, Richard Jacobs, interviewed me about why the best innovation doesn't always win. We discussed why technical leaders–scientists, engineers, researchers, innovators–need to embrace storytelling.

To hear the full scoop, check out the Future Tech podcast episode on why the best product doesn't always win.

It can be frustrating to not only need an incredible product, but also need to do the hard work of helping people understand why it matters. For all the times you scratched your head wondering why a competitor was getting attention even though their product wasn't anything special... I hope you're starting to see that having a great product isn't enough anymore.

At one point, Rich said, “You’re like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of marketing.” That's one of the coolest things anyone has ever said to me!


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