Get On That Meme

meme/mēm/ an image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another

I’m a big fan of the “Sh*t [  ] Say” videos that have been all the rage in the last few weeks. The videos are a classic example of being “in the know." If you have to ask, then you’re on the outside. 

I have my personal favorites in addition to the original video that started it all. But what is interesting is that some brands got in on the action too. 

Lululemon created a "Sh*t Yogis Say” video – now with almost 2 million views on YouTube – just in time to capture this meme. The brand logo is on the yoga mats, but otherwise the video is understated rather than promotional. The tongue-in-cheek vibe shows that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it blended right in with the rest of the mainly user-generated clips. Not bad for last-minute marketing. 

Lululemon had a pulse on what matters to customers, and then acted quickly. This is empowering and shows that it’s possible for brands to take risks with content. And in cases like this, the risk can pay off with what every brand wants: virality.

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