Musings from the Kitchenette

There are many benefits of working at a startup. Some include broader scope, opportunities to learn, and making decisions that impact the business.

Another perk: an unlimited supply of snacks. 

Today, I dedicate this post to the marketing thoughts I’ve had while I’m


at my desk. These are ideas that float around when I’m standing before a wall of cereal, ramen, and chips, deciding what to eat in the office’s ever bountiful pantry. This is reminiscent of a shopper’s experience at a grocery store, where there are many options, yet a decision must be made.

1. Dentyne Ice – split packaging

I will never cease to be amazed by the innovation from CPG companies. Yes, it’s just gum, but yes, it is definitely innovation. Because there often isn’t much innovation in terms of true product differentiation, CPG marketers have to work extra hard to reinvent their products to reach new audiences, new use cases, etc. 

Dentyne Ice’s new packaging takes into account the size of a pack of gum fitting into our pockets and purses so we can grab and go, and maybe even keep a pack in the car and one in a bag. This is a great way to increase the number of touch points that the brand has in your life.

2. Chips – matte versus glossy packaging

What is it about matte packaging that instantly looks more elevated than glossy packaging? My thought is that it’s not as common as glossy packaging, especially for chips, so it’s just different enough to make you take a second look and perhaps pick up the product to feel the packaging. Clif Bar is another brand that always uses matte packaging which seems premium and understated, not garish.

3. Almond and soy milk – bad packaging

Why is the packaging so bad for milk alternatives? The colors are jarring, the text looks like it was done in Microsoft PowerPoint with a quick border and shadow thrown in. Every brand claims to be “premium” and not one actually looks it. I think this is ripe for “disruption.” This is a great chance for a designer out there to propose new packaging for one of these brands. Any takers?

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