McMaybe I'll Check This Out

Here’s why the messaging works:

1. The visual repetition presents a strong message that Joy = indulging in McDonalds.

2. The layered booklet flips upwards, which is different from most mailers.

3. Some of the coupons don’t start until a month later, which teases customers into thinking about upcoming items.  It also prevents you from recycling this thing tomorrow.

4. A few items have a burst icon for “new” and “coming soon.”  Calling this out ensures that the brand gets brownie points for introducing new products.

5. There are two coupons with no purchase required, one of which is for the new oatmeal.  This is a great new trial vehicle that should be called the what-have-I-got-to-lose technique.  

Lastly, there are some buy-one-get-one-free deals here.  Any takers?

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