Nicole Kidman, you lucky girl

I went to a Keith Urban concert last week and left even more enamored by him than I was before.  My friend and I had Meet & Greet passes before the concert for a photo opp and interview sit-in.  

Here are lessons in personal branding that we can learn from the country star.

1. Say my name

As we filed in for the photo session, Keith said, “What’s your name?  Winnie?  Nice to meet you Winnie.”  He did this for each person who walked in.

2. Act with conviction

He also gave everyone hugs.  They weren’t quick, one-armed hugs either – they were full-contact hugs.  With a squeeze.  Le sigh.

3. Loosen up

During the interview, the radio hosts quoted a fellow country singer who said something profound (yet completely abstract) about Keith, who responded, “What? I have no idea what that means.”  Everyone laughed.  Even if that line was rehearsed, he seemed down-to-earth and authentic.

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