Thank you, come again

Got this in my Inbox today and thought it was a smart promotion. 

Subway’s coupon targets their regular lunch customers who may not have tried breakfast sandwiches yet. Since working people often base food decisions on convenience and routine, Subway is encouraging people to break from whatever they are currently noshing on in the morning to try something new.

The website further expands on the concept by engaging with users. One feature allows you to enter your address and end location to pinpoint all the Subways that you can pass through to grab breakfast. Customers are also encouraged to post their breakfast sandwich creations on the Facebook “Flavorize” campaign page, which has over 4 million “Likes." Subway’s brand is about building your own customized healthy sandwich, so extending this to breakfast and bringing it to life online strengthens the overall brand concept.

Getting people to eat at your store for 2/3 meals of the day? Tasty.

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