"Yo" make me happy

Going to the grocery store is like a weekly trip to Disneyland for me. I relish the chance to browse each aisle, hunt for the firmest fruit, and scrutinize nutrition labels. I’m pretty familiar with what to expect when I peruse the market, but yesterday, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the above.

A dairy product in the produce section? This is nothing short of revolutionary.

Dannon’s new Greek yogurt is double-exposed: it sits in the dairy aisle with competing brands and in the fruit section as a complementary product to berries. 

The latter catches the customer off guard, which is no easy feat in an environment where thousands of products offer similar features and packaging. If it doesn’t result in an impulse purchase, it could remind the shopper that she needs to pick up yogurt. This sends her to another aisle which increases the time spent in the store and the number of items in her basket.

A small box of fruit and a tub of plain yogurt are ordinary on their own. But put them together and you have a healthy, indulgent treat that you might enjoy for brunch or dessert. Now that’s strategic merchandising.

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