Titanic: The Sequel

You’ve probably heard all about the crapstorm called the Carnival Splendor cruise ship.

Martin Bishop from BrandMix wrote about how the 4,500 disgruntled passengers survived on Spam and Pop Tarts from emergency food drops by the Navy, since all the real food had rotted.

People definitely associate memories with taste and smell, much like a plumeria candle can remind you of a relaxing trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, these passengers will probably look at PopTarts and Spam and think of trauma and hatred.

However, I think there’s an opportunity for brands that were unintentionally involved to spin this positively. How would we craft this message?

1. When no one else was there, PopTarts and Spam provided comfort and familiarity to passengers far from home. The brands should be proud to have been selected by the Navy to accompany these people during a difficult time. 

2. They should then thank their customers and say that they are glad everyone is home safely. 

3. As a gesture of solidarity, PopTarts and Spam should donate shipments of their products to displaced people in other parts of the world who have to face worse conditions daily. 

What are other ways to use the publicity in brand-enhancing way?