Co-founder of Twitter drinks....with himself

I like the Stoli campaign with famous people having drinks with their alter egos while poking fun at themselves. The tagline is “the most original people deserve the most original vodka." The commercial has aspirational value like most other alcohol marketing messages. If you drink Stoli, you are original. If you are original, then you "deserve” the best. 

Ads like this need people with strong personal brands to carry the story; otherwise, the wittiness is lost. The commercial with Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter) and Hugh Hefner are solid. The Julia Stiles version isn’t as good– they should have chosen an actress with more character or someone more archetypal to emphasize the dual personalities. It’s not as fun to watch someone make fun of themselves if you aren’t already familiar with the context. 

For example, most people think Twitter is really cool or really pointless. Since the Twitter narrative is already established, Biz Stone can present both sides of the story through witty banter with himself. Most people know Hugh Heffner’s iconic robe and appreciation for women, so that narrative is also familiar. But Julia Stiles, who I’m sure has done quality work, doesn’t strongly remind viewers of a particular type of role or story. 

I think Paris Hilton would be a good candidate for this Stoli campaign. It would also be refreshing to see characters such as athletes, business people, politicians, former boy band members, etc. Any ideas?

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