Part III of the trilogy

I refreshed my browser a couple more times. I got ads for deodorant and McDonald’s, then another Ann Taylor one. This is probably the best version out of the other two I just wrote about.

I like the specific call-to-action to “Shop Dresses." Why doesn’t the sweater ad from my last post say "Shop Sweaters”? It should.

The model looks elegant and the outfit matches the message of dressing up for the holidays. 

Bonus points that the customer can be lured to click by the jewelry OR dress. Once she clicks, it’s a good way to link-sell across categories.

The logo should be moved to the bottom for all of these ads. The consistency in format will train customers to recognize this campaign. 

It also gives more room for the message to be placed more appropriately in relation to the model. Moving the text higher up will continue the left-to-right diagonal line of this photo. 

Lines slanting up are more pleasing to the eye because they subconsciously indicate growth and improvement, versus losses or declines. There’s a scientific study on this somewhere, but it makes sense right?

Take-away: Create consistency across ads from the same campaign. Having certain stable elements will provide more room to experiment with images, text, etc without confusing the customer.

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