Spank me

Spanx makes body-shaping undergarments that smooth bulges of fat so women can look slimmer in clothing.

The brand started offering Spanx for Men earlier this year. This is revolutionary because shapewear has been a womens-only secret for the past couple centuries.

Let’s rewind: If you asked a guy whether he’d want a modern day corset, he would probably call you insane. If you asked whether he would pay $55 - $80 for shapewear underwear, he might punch you in the face.

Guess what? Spanx for Men sold out on the first day that it was introduced in several stores. Check out this article from the New York Times about the retail hit and growing product category.

Why is this worth looking at? Because there are some things that customers won’t tell you if you ask them point-blank. This is true especially if it forces people to admit to insecurities or to caring what other people think. This is why marketers and business people exist– to read between the lines and, sometimes, to tell the customer what he wants.

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