We are the champions

This ad for Champion, the athletic apparel retailer, was on my browser today. What’s the purpose of the guy carrying the girl like this? Yes, we get a great view of her toned ass, but is the message that the girl can’t ski down the mountain herself? There are so many other poses to convey athleticism and positivity while wearing Champion sportswear. However, the brand apparently thought this picture was so great that they are also using it on their landing page. Go figure. But hey, at least the message is consistent.

And now, a side story: my brother, who’s in the military, made my sister and me learn to carry each other like this last Christmas when he was home. It’s called a Fireman’s Carry and you can learn it too, courtesy of Wikipedia, the purveyor of all knowledge worth knowing. We all went to the park near my house, wobbled around, grunted, and after many attempts, finally lifted each other for a few seconds before collapsing. I learned that the Fireman’s Carry isn’t that easy, so maybe Champion is right to show this off after all.

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