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Stop learning to give feedback. Learn to receive it.

Most of us say we want feedback. That is, until we actually get it. Then we get a little defensive:

“Well, actually, what I meant was…”

“I see what you’re saying, but you misunderstood.”

“Really? Because you’re not great at that either!” (A classic.)

These are all ways of saying, “Thanks for your feedback, but you’re wrong." You know how to give feedback... But how good are you at taking it?

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Using affirmative phrases: "Do this" versus "Don't do that"

Clarity of language and intent is important. It is to your benefit to be as clear as possible when you speak or write, because clear communication helps you get what you need. Whether you want to change someone's behavior via feedback, or you want them to agree to your suggestion, it helps to understand how words shape the person who's listening.

One way to do this is to speak in the affirmative, rather than the negative.

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